Located on the coastline of the Southern Sri Lanka, Beach Mirissa is an exotic resort located on the heavenly beaches of Mirissa with wonderful view of crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and your own man made breakwater pier to observe the magnificent sunset at dusk or to explore the abundant marine life including turtle sightings and catamaran fishing at dawn

Live it up in our family managed two story hotel which features 10 stylish large ocean view rooms with a spacious balcony of your own. Each modern accommodation offers amenities to make your stay cozy and comfortable.

Leisure activities like snorkeling, swimming, surfing or sun bathing on your private pool deck or the beach will make you take maximum advantage of a day well spent,

Forget about your worries and look forward to the excitement at every turn, Beach Mirissa will make you experience of the divine Indian Ocean a memory forever.


Our Standard

1. Choose music carefully
The best music is the music is made by nature. We will ensure not to disturb the serene ambience. If it comes to the party time we will do the needful.
2. Never serve food below quality
Our aim is to serve honest good food and satisfy your taste buds. Food needs to be of the highest quality before it leaves the kitchen and we will strive to ensure our guest experience a quality meal at Beach Mirissa.
3. Keep the facility spotless
Hygiene is one of our top most priorities. Beach Mirissa ensures a pleasant and clean environment for our guests
4. Make deliberate choices with lighting
Light and shade represent the day and night. We illuminate where necessary and appropriate.